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Enter your trip details and a group travel expert will contact you within 24 hours.

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Our team will share budget-friendly travel options for your dates, at no cost until booking. When you say the word, we reserve the seats.

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We go beyond the basic itinerary to offer flexible ticketing and group payment options. We triple check your group’s documents and details to ensure a smooth travel process.

Arrive Home Safely

By monitoring takeoffs and landings, we can anticipate delays and trip interruptions, and rebook your group when needed. Our job is only complete once you’ve arrived home safely.

Traveling together?

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

The coordination of group travel requires a team equipped with extensive experience and industry knowledge.

Since our launch in 2014, Easy Group Airfare has grown into an international group travel partner providing premier service for our groups. We assist travelers through every step of the process because we understand that group travel comes with nuance.

Group Travel FAQ

Group travel involves working with the airlines to lock down airfare up to a year in advance. By booking as a group, you are given the flexibility to change traveler names, number of travelers, trip dates, and layover city all within the planning process.
10 or more travelers qualify as a group according to airline policy. If you have less than 10 passengers, send us an email with your trip information, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
We strive to offer fares that are competitive with online, individually-priced tickets. Our fee is included in your ticket price, which you will approve of prior to paying a deposit. You can always receive a quote from us for free.
While our specialty is group travel, we have cultivated strong relationships with a variety of vendors who offer us discounted rates on individual tickets.

Unfortunately, for groups with less than 10 travelers, the airline group policies do not apply. 

A Global Team of Experts

Founder Aaron Sanfield and his global team of travel experts have assisted thousands of students, volunteers, business professionals, and tourists in their travels around the globe. The team serves as an advocate for all groups, guaranteeing that travelers receive competitively-priced itineraries and a seamless planning experience.

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