Why EGA for Group Travel

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A Travel Agency Partner.

We have a clear focus on group travel in order to anticipate challenges and educate our travelers on the many details about the booking process.

Over the years we have perfected our client-first service to ensure you are offered the best itinerary options for your group's unique needs, never those driven by commission.

One-to-One Solutions

From your initial quote to your safe arrival home, we're here to assist your group directly. No more waiting on hold for hours with the airline.

Coordinating with a large group is difficult, especially when things don't go as planned. With group travel, efficiency is everything – whether you are flying students, tourists, or a corporate group.

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Groups We've Worked With

Stuck planning your company’s next retreat? Our travel experts provide the efficiency and knowledge you need to accommodate the group without sacrificing budget or comfort. We’ll plan around your group’s unique preferences – you take the credit.

Collecting payments can be especially difficult for student groups. We simplify the process by managing individual payments through a simple platform that allows the group to view each member’s payment status. We’re also here to discuss policies and concerns from travelers and their families.

We assist teams in building affordable and efficient itineraries for your games and events.

Our group travel experts anticipate any added fees for the extra luggage and equipment you may be checking.

We understand the importance of having your special day planned seamlessly. We look into a variety of itinerary options that keep your airfare budget-friendly and convenient, so you can focus on the celebration.

When your priority is giving back, we understand that it’s important to allocate valuable funds efficiently to maximize your philanthropic capabilities. We coordinate with all the major airlines on your behalf to find you the lowest fares possible.

Don't see a category that fits your group? That's ok.

We’ll work together to meet your group’s unique travel style and needs. Fill out our group travel quote form to help our team get to know you.

Meet Our Founder

A world traveler since his early twenties, Aaron Sanfield took on the group leader role for a series of volunteer trips to Peru and Tanzania. Given the opportunity, Aaron loves to explore even the most remote islands and destinations. It is simply the culmination of his firsthand experience and passion for working with travelers that Easy Group Airfare exists today.

The booking process Aaron experienced as a group leader was convoluted, stressful. Without proper planning, the cost of airfare presents a high barrier to entry for non-profits and volunteer groups. In 2014, Aaron's love for travel inspired him to start Easy Group Airfare, and he has served as the lead travel expert for his customers ever since–crafting seamless itineraries, and acting as advocate, concierge and educator with each group he assists.

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Group Travel FAQ

10 or more travelers qualify as a group according to airline policy. If you have less than 10 passengers, send us an email with your trip information, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

While there are no formal discounts for group flights and bookings, we promise to find the lowest fares available. The real advantage of group airfare is flexibility, which often saves money in the long run. Tickets booked individually are non-transferrable and incur steep penalties if your itinerary changes.

We strive to offer fares that are competitive with online, individually-priced tickets. Our fee is included in your ticket price, which you will approve of prior to paying a deposit. You can always receive a quote for free.