How To Make The Most of Your Layover in London

Layover tours are awesome because they allow eager travelers to visit another city on the way to their final destination.

Every international airline has a hub, a city that almost every one of their planes fly through on the way to their final destination.

This week’s airline is Virgin Atlantic and we will discuss a perfect layover day in one of their hub cities: London


Borough Market 

If you are feeling hungry after a long international flight, head to London’s oldest food market that is a warren of smoking street food, old-school fruit and vegetable shops, artisanal bakers, and every variety of delicious English food imaginable. Surrounding the market are some of the best specialty food shops in the country of which our friends at Conde Nast compiled a list that is sure to satisfy any craving: Click here to check it out




Buckingham Palace 

Westminster Abbey, and the House of Parliament: No stopover in London is complete without viewing these three symbolic pieces of British architecture. The London home of the British sovereign (currently Queen Elizabeth II), a trip to the “Buck House” requires a visit to the The Queen’s Gallery, a huge royal art collection displaying works such as the Faberge eggs and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. After The Queen’s Gallery, head over to Westminster Abbey, the country’s most famous church that is the site of coronations and other ceremonies of national significance (most recently the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton). Finally, stop by the House of Parliament, home to the Elizabeth Tower and its famous bell-Big Ben!


British Museum

Founded in 1753, the British Museum is the world’s first ever national public museum. Its most famous exhibits include classical Greek sculptures from The Parthenon in Athens; the Rosetta Stone (provided key to reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs); Assyrian relics from the palaces/temples of Nineveh and Nimrud; exquisite gold, silver, and shell work from Mesopotamia; treasure from the 7th C. ship burial found at Sutton Hoo; and Chinese ceramics from the Ming Dynasty and others.


Last Stop!

Happy Hour: Want a quick drink before heading back to the airport? Do as the Brits do and stop in any pub within the city and be sure grab a pint.

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