2 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Iceland

We at Easy Group Airfare send our travelers to some of the most amazing and remote places on earth. That being said, flying to see the world’s most beautiful landmarks can often be pricey.

That’s why if you’re itching to travel abroad but short on cash, ICELAND is our new favorite, low-cost destination.



A) Tickets are cheap: Iceland actually has a low-cost carrier known as WOW air with super affordable flights currently from San Fran, LAX, Baltimore, Boston, and Newark (with plans in 2017 to expand to Miami). Round-trip flights range anywhere from ~$500 — $600 during popular travel dates to as low as $99 from the East Coast! And since Wow’s hub is Reykjavik, every flight from the USA is NON-STOP

B) Nature, Nature, and more Nature: Glamorized by the HBO Show Game of Thrones, Iceland’s natural landscape is absolutely unbelievable. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here is one of our favorite sites to see in Iceland. This is an actual hotel that you can stay in!

This is an actual hotel in Iceland, no photoshop here

This is an actual hotel in Iceland, no photoshop here


Our friends at Travel and Leisure created a custom 12-day itinerary that can get your Iceland trip-planning started: Click Here to view the top rated Iceland itinerary.

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